Switzerland ibex valley

This item appears on page 4 of the January 2018 issue.

In southeastern Switzerland, near the city of Pontresina, more than 1,800 ibexes (mountain goats) make their home on Piz Albris mountain. Around April-June, they migrate down into the valley to what has been dubbed an “ibex paradise.”

Visitors may encounter the animals on the Ibex Promenade, an easy one-kilometer hike. Seven stops contain placards with info about ibexes. During the spring season, free 1½-hour guided promenade walks (available in English) can be booked. 

Contact the Pontresina Tourist Information office (Via Maistra 133, CH-7504 Pontresina, Switzerland; phone +41 81 838 83 00, www.pontresina.ch/en).