Solos and Assigned-seating Dining on Ships

If you are a single traveler who enjoys cruising, we're still soliciting responses to this information request from Edna R.S. Alvarez of Los Angeles, who would like "solo travelers to each share the experiences they've had in a ship's assigned-seating environment at mealtimes."

She offered the following questions, and if you can answer any of them, please write in: "How did it work out? Were you seated exclusively with other solos? Was there resistance to seating you with couples? Did you have better experiences on small ships or large? What specific cruises have you taken where, as a solo, you were comfortable with the meal seating? Which cruise lines have open seating during all meals? What advice can you offer to improve a solo's chances of sitting with other diners?"

Subscribers, when citing cruises, please include the year each took place and whether you were on an oceangoing or river ship, along with an idea of its size (thousands, hundreds or dozens of passengers?). You may mention the names of cruise lines and ships that you recommend, but, for this article, the names of lines and ships about which complaints are cited will not be included. (Complaints about recent cruises submitted for publication will be handled separately.)

Email or write to Solos and Assigned-seating Dining on Ships, c/o ITN, 2116 28th St., Sacramento, CA 95818. Responses will be printed in the magazine.