Just a window seat, please

By Ellen Rado
This item appears on page 47 of the May 2018 issue.

This month’s winner is ELLEN RADO of Hollis, New York:

My husband and I were traveling north from Guatemala City one morning by bus. People would just stop the bus at various points to board.

When we got on, the bus was already crammed with people and chickens. There was not a free seat for us and the other newly boarding passengers. 

The driver got some planks from the back and put them across the aisle from one side to the other. This meant the aisle was blocked — clearly illegal. So, as he drove, the driver kept his eyes peeled for policemen, and if he saw one, he loudly shouted, “¡Todos abajo! ¡Todos abajo!” (“Everyone down!”), at which all plank sitters had to slide down so they wouldn’t be seen.

We got more exercise on that bus ride than we thought we would.


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