Geotagging tip

By Jane B. Holt
This item appears on page 46 of the May 2018 issue.

I would like to thank Mark Gallo for his article “They’re Called Smartphones for Good Reason” (first of two parts) (Feb. ’18, pg. 50). His column was an interesting read, as were all the websites he mentioned, where I learned lots of tricks, photo and otherwise, available for the iPhone.

Regarding the Geotagging portion of his article, I have one point to add about this statement: “On a recent trip to Japan, it proved invaluable in identifying each shrine and temple. For example, for one picture I shot, Geotagging provided the location ‘Takayama - Soyujimachi’ at the top of the image as well as the date, ‘June 18.’ (Oddly, the time reflects your home time zone.)”

It’s true that the time will reflect your home time zone, but if you download the photos taken on your iPhone onto your Mac (and perhaps to other types of computers also, but I don’t know about those) and check the EXIF (exchangeable image file) data for the photos, the date and time will be correct for when you actually took the photo.

As for another smartphone feature, I use Google Translate on the iPhone for our travels in Japan. The phone even proves useful for translating online pages that can’t be copied and pasted into Google Translate on a desktop Mac.


Hinesburg, VT