Discovering the world on $100 a day

This item appears on page 58 of the March 2018 issue.

Pat Ove of Aurora, Colorado, wrote, “Reading Stanley Mui’s article about his 10-day trip to Guadalajara, Mexico, for less than $1,000 (June '17, pg. 44) brought back many happy memories of the $100-a-day trips my husband and I took for 20 years before age and mobility problems caught up to my husband. Using suggestions in a January 2010 ITN article, 'Pinching Pennies in Paris,' we once spent five days in Paris for less than $500 each, including hotel. Trips like this can be done!

“This type of travel requires lots of research and planning, but it brings a sense of discovery and adventure plus interactions with friendly people all over the world as you figure out the local transportation network and find your own way, often in a language you don’t know.
“There must be many budget travelers reading ITN who are having exciting adventures discovering the world on $100 a day. I would love to read about their journeys. (For purposes of this information request, and considering inflation, perhaps the total of $100 per day should not include overseas airfare.)”

If you have information about visiting anyplace outside of the US for $100 per day or less (not including international airfare), tell us how you did it. Approximately when was your trip? What were your modes of travel? What sorts of accommodations did you use, and how did you go about finding them? What did you do for meals? What other budget-travel tricks of the trade can you provide?

Subscribers, email or write to The World on $100 a Day, c/o ITN, 2116 28th St., Sacramento, CA 95818. (Photos are welcome.) Include the address at which you receive ITN. Select responses will be printed in ITN.