Discovering the rainforest, reef and ruins of Honduras

By Donna DeGaetani
This article appears on page 44 of the March 2018 issue.
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A section of Cocalito Beach near Jeanette Kawas National Park.

As a dedicated Road Scholar (Boston, MA; 800/454-5768, traveler, I keep up with the company’s new travel opportunities. The “Honduras: Rainforest, Reef & Ruins” tour was a new one in 2017. 

Admittedly, the country has a bad rep — primarily relating to violence resulting from the drug trade — but Honduras is a wonderful country that is worthy of adventure travelers who want value and a nontouristy destination. 

I was on Road Scholar’s September 2017 tour, and I never felt unsafe nor threatened. In fact, my fellow travelers and I experienced just the opposite: a country of friendly people who were proud of their diverse heritage and were working to create a safe, ecological and educational travel experience. 

There were six other women on this trip, and all of us were interested in something new and different in travel. My tour price of $2,494 included airfare from Los Angeles. As with most Road Scholar trips, hotels, day trips and most meals were included. 

For extras (beer or other drinks, small tips and incidentals), I spent the equivalent of $100 during the eight days in the country. Quite a bargain in today’s travel market! 

The sites

Gardens at Hotel Marina Copán.

There were four destinations included on the 8-day itinerary: San Pedro Sula, where we originally landed, followed by Copán (Mayan ruins), Tela (to explore its “banana republic” heritage) and, finally, the island of Roatán, the entrance to the area’s famous coral reef, an expat community and a diver’s paradise. Each site was significantly different. 

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