Convertible travel pants

By Robert A. Siebert
This item appears on page 48 of the November 2018 issue.

I ordered three pairs of convertible travel pants ($134.95 each plus $7 shipping), one of each of the available colors, from Clothing Arts (Brooklyn, NY; 646/422-9222, I am very satisfied with my purchase.

In preparation for a trip, I tested a pair of the pants this August to make sure there were no problems, particularly in respect to the garment's fit.

Halfway down each leg of the pants is a hidden zipper, allowing me to detach the lower portion, turning the slacks into shorts. At first, I found the zippers difficult to deal with, but after a while I had no problem reattaching the lower portions of the pant legs.

The pants also have four zippered security pockets, on the sides and at the rear, with buttoned flaps for extra protection. The side pockets are very generous in size and should easily accommodate my wallet, passport and other papers. I found buttoning the flaps to be challenging, though.

The pants come in even-numbered waist sizes but can be adjusted. Because each side has two buttons at waist level with a short, adjustable strap, ordering the next-higher waist size is recommended, since adjusting a button on either side decreases the waist size by close to an inch. The pants also have belt loops, so a belt can provide a more comfortable fit if the trousers end up being too loose.

The fabric is somewhat thinner than that of the travel shorts I usually wear, so the pants should dry much faster when washed. The label inside the garments cautions against ironing them, but online ads say they are wrinkle-free. The pants are to be either tumble-dried or hung up to dry. (I plan on doing the latter if I wash them during my travels.)

On previous trips, I usually packed three pairs of casual slacks and two pairs of shorts. Now, I need to pack only the convertible pants, saving luggage space. These pants also make it possible to carry extra items on my person.

As an added bonus, each pair comes with an RFID-blocking credit card sleeve. I placed one in my wallet to protect my bank cards.

When traveling, I also typically pack two or three Serengeti Safari shirts from Cabela's (Sidney, NE; 800/237-4444, The shirts have zippered pockets, adding protection for items that don't fit comfortably into trousers.

Jamaica, NY