Budget British Airways

This item appears on page 4 of the June 2018 issue.

On April 11, British Airways (800/247-9297, www.ba.com) began offering budget one-way-only fares between London and select cities in the US and elsewhere. These Basic fares are available only on certain dates.

The Basic fares are being offered one-way between London (Heathrow) and either Boston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Philadelphia or Phoenix; between London (Gatwick) and Oakland; between Helsinki and New York, and between Madrid and Boston, Chicago or Dallas-Fort Worth.

Fares start at £175 (near $238) and include two pieces of carry-on and in-flight food and drinks. Options such as a checked bag (£80) and a preassigned seat (£20) cost extra.  

Basic fares are also available between London and Dubai (£143), Delhi (£210), Hong Kong (£228) or Singapore (£230).