Avebury henge and stone circles

By Edna R.S. Alvarez
This item appears on page 37 of the December 2018 issue.
Edna R.S. Alvarez in front of one of the stones at Avebury.

While visiting Oxfordshire, England, in August 2018, I had the opportunity to visit Avebury, the largest henge monument in Britain. This amazing Neolithic site is located in Wiltshire County (and not far from the worth-a-stop market village of Marlborough).

Just a 36-minute drive from Stonehenge, this henge — a huge, circular bank and inner ditch — is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in its own right. It contains a stone circle and two more stone circles inside that. One could combine it with a visit to Stonehenge, but I felt it was better visited on its own.

Dating to approximately 2600 BC, Avebury is spread over a wide set of fields. I enjoyed slowly meandering through the fields and amongst the stones.

Unlike at Stonehenge, at Avebury I was able to walk right up to the stones, even gently touching them to feel their energy. I felt a sense of those who once brought these special stones to this place.

Avebury also has museums, a manor house and various eateries.

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