AirBolt luggage lock

By David T. Harvey, Jr.
This item appears on page 42 of the August 2018 issue.

As the years pass, I find my eyesight is not as it used to be. Do you, like me, have trouble using luggage locks that feature small numbered wheels, usually four of them? I sure do, especially in dim light.

Luckily, I found a lock that features just two large buttons that can be unlocked by pressing the right and left arrows in any sequence that I set, myself, with a smartphone app (either an iPhone or Android).*

The AirBolt (, which comes in a variety of colors and is TSA approved, costs about $80. For some, $80 might seem high, but for those of us with failing eyesight, it is well worth the price!


Winter Park, FL

*The AirBolt can also be unlocked with the app, alone, without pressing any buttons on the lock.