Satisfaction from Squaremouth

By James Galiardo
This item appears on page 44 of the December 2017 issue.

My wife, Marguerite, and I had booked a 50-day cruise leaving in April 2017, and on the day the cruise was booked, Feb. 23, we purchased an insurance policy through Tin Leg (844/240-1233, that included a preexisting-condition waiver. 

Unfortunately, Marguerite has AVN (avascular necrosis), and two weeks after purchasing the policy it progressed to the point where she had to seek medical assistance. She was informed that she should not travel, since that would only exacerbate the condition.

We contacted Tin Leg on April 1 to inform them of the situation. After spending a couple of weeks reviewing the claim, Tin Leg denied it, stating in what we felt was totally incomprehensible language that our situation did not meet their guidelines. They provided a medical diagnosis (reached internally) that this condition would not have prohibited travel. This was despite a doctor’s memorandum indicating just the opposite.

I subsequently contacted Tin Leg’s parent company, Square­mouth (St. Petersburg, FL; 800/240-0369,, on May 16 and explained the situation to them. I was informed that an appeals process would be initiated and that contact would be made in a short period of time. Within three weeks, I received correspondence indicating that the claim had been approved and payment would follow.

Marguerite and I normally travel internationally at least twice yearly, and this was the sixth time we’ve utilized the online insurance broker Squaremouth to find a company for trip insurance. I cannot speak highly enough about their diligence and willingness to work with me and ensure that I was satisfied.


Johnsburg, IL

ITN emailed a copy of the above letter to Tin Leg and Squaremouth and received only an acknowledgement of receipt.