Jordan shootings

This item appears on page 16 of the February 2017 issue.

In the city of Karak, Jordan, four gunmen opened fire on a police patrol on Dec. 18 before storming the nearby Karak Castle, a historical Crusader site, and firing on a police station there. In the attack, at least 10 people were killed, including one Canadian tourist, and 34 people were injured. 

Jordanian security forces entered the castle, rescuing tourists trapped inside and killing all four gunmen. Jordanian police found explosive suicide belts and weapons when investigating the shooters’ hideout. 

Daesh claimed responsibility for the attack, but Jordanian authorities had not confirmed their responsibility as of press time.

On Dec. 20 near Karak, four Jordanian police were killed in a shootout during a raid on a house. A spokesperson said that the raid was unrelated to the Dec. 18 attack.