Indian Ocean with Adventures Abroad

By Helga Smith
This item appears on page 29 of the September 2016 issue.

Whenever I’ve wanted to go to an out-of-the-way place, I’ve relied on Adventures Abroad (2148-20800 Westminster Hwy., Richmond, B.C., V6V 2W3, Canada; 800/665-3998, to take me there.

A trip I took with them May 14-June 6, 2015, “Indian Ocean Islands,” showed me Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion, Madagascar, Mayotte and Comoros. For transport, the company hired local boats, including the sailboat we used to go around Seychelles.

The trip cost $9,190 plus $800 in fees and taxes and a mandatory single supplement of $2,200. The only visa required was for Comoros, at a cost of 30 (near $33). I booked my own flights, from New York to Seychelles and returning from Comoros, for $1,788. 

Transfers and all excursions were included. With extra food, drinks and minor souvenirs, the total I spent for this trip came to about $15,000.

I applaud Adventures Abroad for putting this trip together. Even though the islands are all in the same general area, each is unique and was worthwhile visiting. There were enough points of interest to keep even the jaded traveler occupied, not to mention seeing the absolutely out-of-this-world beaches, waters and vegetation.

I wondered just how well traveled the members of our group were. This wasn’t a competition; I was just curious to see how many of the countries on The ITN Official List of Nations we, as a group, had visited, so I made a list by continent and let everyone check off the places they had visited. 

Of the 196 countries on the ITN list, we had been to 190! Only three countries in Africa and three in Oceania had not been explored by our group.

From Seychelles, playground for the rich and famous, to Comoros, one of the poorest but friendliest nations on Earth, most of us enjoyed every day we spent on the islands and felt lucky that we’d been able to take the tour, which is scheduled just once a year. 

Except in Seychelles, we saw very few, if any, tourists on the islands. There was very little, if any, begging, barely even soft-selling. In general, there was smiling, waving and handshaking… to everyone’s delight.


New York, NY