Paris Passes

By Stan Bach
This item appears on page 43 of the December 2015 issue.

Paris passes

I agree with Rick Steves’ recommendation about using city passes to keep from standing in long ticket lines in certain cities in Europe (Oct. ’15, pg. 54). During a week-long visit to Paris in September 2015, I found a Paris Pass* to be very useful. I bought the 6-day pass, though I didn’t get the full value from it because I didn’t have time to visit all of the attractions for which admission was included.

The Paris Pass also comes with the Métro Pass and the Paris Museum Pass at no extra charge, and I found the latter particularly useful except at Sainte-Chapelle. There, the admission line was at least an hour long, and there were prominent signs to the effect that the Museum Pass was not being accepted.**

There was no indication that this was only temporary, and the area around the entrance was too congested to attempt to ask anyone. With time at a premium, I skipped Sainte-Chapelle, instead relying on my memories of the chapel from decades ago.


Sarasota, FL

*Available at, the Paris Pass can be purchased in 2-day (122 [near $134] adult, 42 child), 4-day (182 adult, 52 child) and 6-day (219 adult, 115 child) increments.

** The Museum Pass does grant free entry into Saint-Chapelle, but the chapel is not one of the four museums that offer “Fast Pass” privileges.