Lost-bag insurance

This item appears on page 61 of the July 2015 issue.

For lost baggage, up to $2,000 can be awarded to a traveler using the service Blue Ribbon Bags (www.blueribbonbags.com).

A single service fee, paid anytime before departure, covers all checked bags. If any of that baggage is lost by the airline, Blue Ribbon Bags will provide a dedicated representative who will work with the airline to expedite the return of the bag(s). On a website, the traveler can view real-time updates of his claim.

If they are unable to facilitate the return of the lost baggage within 96 hours, Blue Ribbon will reward the traveler an amount based on the initial fee ($1,000 for a $5 fee, $1,500 for $7.50 or $2,000 for $10). The traveler will receive the payout even if the baggage is ultimately returned after 96 hours.

A lost-baggage claim must be made to the airline within 24 hours before reporting the loss to Blue Ribbon Bags. Payouts are limited to two checked bags per service fee.