Seeing the northern lights

This item appears on page 5 of the April 2015 issue.

Jack and Elizabeth Kaufman of Lake Quivira, Kansas, wrote, “We would like ITN readers to share their experiences in chasing the northern lights (aurora borealis), which are elusive to see even in the places where this natural phenomenon occurs. Where did you go to see them? When did you go (month and year)? How lucky were you to glimpse this marvelous show of nature? How long was your wait and how long did they last? Did you travel on your own or take a tour? If the latter, which tour company was it? Where did you stay? We have the northern lights on our bucket list and are doing a lot of research, so it would be great to get the input of ITN subscribers.”

What can you do — in regard to timing or location — to increase your chances of seeing the northern lights? What gear or equipment might come in handy? What costs were involved and was it worth it?

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