Marnella Tours for South America

By Mary K. Taylor
This item appears on page 29 of the February 2015 issue.

For trips to South America, I have used Marnella Tours (Raleigh, NC; 866/993-0033 or 919/782-1664, four times.

I’ve found everyone at Marnella Tours to be polite and responsive to my needs. The company knows South America so well that I’ve never been disappointed in their choices of ground operators.

Marnella Tours arranged a trip to Brazil for my husband and me in 2006 that included an Amazon River cruise, Iguazú Falls, a few days in the mining area and a few days in Rio. They arranged a similar trip for us to Ecuador in 2008 that included a river cruise, the Galápagos Islands and part of the country’s interior. Marnella did a beautiful job with both of those trips.

I visited Chile and Argentina during a cruise in 2009-2010. On that trip, Marnella handled the tours I took both before and after the cruise, the hotels I stayed in and the transfers in Santiago and Buenos Aires.

In the fall of 2013, I took a river cruise in Peru with Overseas Adventure Travel, then used Marnella for the extension — the Nazca Lines, the Ballestras Islands and a stay in Lima. Because I was traveling alone, Marnella handled my transfers, hotels and all other aspects that were included in this excursion.


Rockport, TX