It’s time for ITN to flourish

By Randy Keck
This item appears on page 63 of the May 2014 issue.

It is the spring season, a time of renewal and growth… . and time for ITN to sprout new buds and blossoms.

In order to do this, International Travel News must increase its subscriber base. And to accomplish that, we are formally requesting the participation of all current subscribers.

ITN is, for many of you, your most direct communication conduit to the exciting world of international travel. This magazine tells it like it is, without the frills. 

Additionally, unlike any other travel publication, ITN provides within its pages many opportunities for readers to make inquiries of other readers, to communicate directly with other travelers and to express both pro and con opinions about their experiences outside of the US.

ITN is all about the sharing of the travel experience, and we at ITN enjoy a truly symbiotic relationship with our readers. You tell us regularly that you value and appreciate this approach as well as, from cover to cover, the plethora of international travel information contained in each issue. 

As world travelers, all of us know the current and long-term implications of there being less than 10% of Americans who possess passports: Americans are, as a culture, less worldly than people in other developed nations — a truth to which there are only downsides. 

In helping to expand awareness and consciousness regarding not only the appeal but the value of international travel, ITN is on an important mission. We are asking you to join us in our effort to spread the word by helping ITN to reach the uninitiated. 

While supporting any business or product you truly value is its own reward, it is, nevertheless, the modern-day norm for some to inquire ‘What’s in it for me?’ International travelers stand to gain as follows.

Imagine the new-look ITN

With a 50- to 100-percent increase in the number of ITN’s subscribers, the following would take place.

1. Since there is a direct relationship between the number of subscribers and the number of advertisers — with a larger ITN circulation attracting more advertisers — the result would be a greater range of travel products and services from which to choose.

2. The size of ITN, in terms of the number of pages per issue, is determined by the number of advertisers. With an increase in the amount of advertising, each issue of ITN could easily have from 20 to 40 pages more than it currently does.

3. With additional pages per issue and a greater number of subscribers writing in, there would be more Feature Articles, more columns, more reader-to-reader input in sections such as Travelers’ Intercom and even more photos. In short, the result would be more of what you want from ITN in each issue. This is a win-win-win for readers, advertisers and ITN

A request to ITN readers

All of us together are loyal ITN stakeholders. What your ITN is requesting is that you share your enjoyment of the magazine with others. 

If each current subscriber who can afford to do so purchased one additional subscription as a gift for a friend, a relative, a local library, a school library or any business with a waiting area frequented by those who may be interested in international travel, it would go a long way toward increasing the diversity of information provided by ITN

Such businesses can include doctors’ and dentists’ offices and your favorite hair salon. You can, undoubtedly, think of other appropriate recipients and locations. 

If you can gift more than one subscription, please do so. If you are willing to make the gift a two-year or three-year subscription, you can take advantage of those applicable discounts. Additionally you can assist by extending your own current subscription to two or three years and not have to deal with renewals as often.

Finally, please do not file this appeal away as something to do later! 

Procrastination is a sin 

that leads to certain sorrow,  

but I can stop it anytime. 

I think I’ll start tomorrow.  

— loosely paraphrased from Gloria Pitzer

ITN readers, tomorrow is today! Carpe diem!