Cruise Critic helpful

By Paula Prindle
This item appears on page 51 of the March 2014 issue.

My husband, David, and I took a cruise up the Norwegian coast in September ’12. We got a wealth of information from the Cruise Critic website.

Even noncruisers can use Cruise Critic to get advice from local experts at destinations as well as from people who have recently been to particular destinations. 

We chose what we wanted to do based largely on feedback from recent travelers, and, of course, we returned the favor by sending in a post-cruise report of our own. 

We even arranged with other passengers on the ship to spend a day together in Denmark before the cruise. 

The Cruise Critic forums and roll calls, based on the same traveler-helping-traveler premise as ITN’s, helped us make the most of our days in port.


Orient, OH