By Pat Kline
This item appears on page 12 of the February 2014 issue.

My husband and I had a Mediterranean cruise coming up in October when we read the travel item “EatWith locals program” (Aug. ’13, pg. 77) about a website,, that lists hosts in various countries who are willing to cook a meal for visitors to their city. 

We like to plan our own shore excursions, so we decided to try to find a home-hosted meal. About a month before our trip, we picked two places. 

In Barcelona, Spain, we went to an apartment and joined eight other people for a cooking lesson on paella. After the lesson, we helped prepare the meal. We enjoyed the meal and the company. We paid $35 each.

In Málaga, we went out into the country and sampled local foods. We sat in an olive grove and enjoyed almonds, olives, fig jam, bread and cheese before dinner. 

Words are unable to describe the tranquil afternoon we experienced with our host at her home. My husband and I both decided that the experience was worth every penny of the $78 we each paid. 

Navigating the website was easy. There are various selections and prices to choose from, and we look forward to finding another home to visit.


Cuyahoga Falls, OH