Caution in Chad

This item appears on page 17 of the December 2013 issue.

The security situation in Chad has slowly but steadily improved since the conclusion of a peace agreement between Sudan and Chad in early 2010. Despite recent stability, the security environment is historically volatile and could deteriorate unexpectedly. The US Department of State recommends avoiding travel to eastern Chad and border regions. 

Though presently there are no known specific threats in Chad, there are groups in the region who are intent on harming Westerners and Western interests. The US Embassy advises being prepared to implement safe-haven plans on short notice.

While there are no reports of kidnapping for ransom in Chad since 2010, regional trends suggest this remains a potential threat. 

Incidents of carjacking at gunpoint, robbery and murder have been reported throughout the country. Violence is occasionally associated with car accidents and other events that have caused injury to Chadian nationals. Robbery victims have been beaten or killed, and law enforcement and military personnel have been implicated in violent crime.