A Massage To Die For — Floating massage

This item appears on page 55 of the November 2013 issue.

My husband, Bucky, and I flew Icelandair from the US to London through Reykjavik in September ’04. Due to unfortunate events, we were stuck in Reykjavik for a day, and Icelandair offered us a free bus ride to the Blue Lagoon, where I found out that I could have a floating massage in the outdoor thermal mineral pool. 

I lay on a buoyant mat with a pillow roll and a heavy but thin blanket on top. The water was warm, but the air was cool, and the therapist kept gently pushing me down so warm water would flow over my body.

Floating in the thermal pool during the massage — with cool air and sky above, warm water underneath — was magic. With the price of a suit rental included, the massage cost about $100.


Westminster, MD