David Cerny’s sculpture “Man Hanging Out”

September 2013 Issue

David Cerny’s sculpture “Man Hanging Out”

Hanging out. . . all over the place!

You’re witnessing “Where in the World?” history, gentle readers. For the first time ever, we’re accepting more than one answer as the correct one!
Czech artist David Cerny’s sculpture “Man Hanging Out”

July’s photo depicts controversial Czech artist David Cerny’s sculpture “Man Hanging Out,” which poses father of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud in a rather precarious position. Where?

Well, this month’s photo was contributed by Chuck Bingley of Richmond, Virginia, who snapped the picture in Olomouc, Czech Republic, in 2011. Little did we know when printing Mr. Bingley’s photo that Freud came quite late to Olomouc. The original sculpture was installed in Prague in 1997 and remains there. Copies of the piece subsequently have dangled in Berlin, London, Stockholm and even Grand Rapids, Michigan (where he caused many calls to suicide hotlines from concerned citizens).

Because the photo does not include enough background to put it into the proper context of its Olomouc setting, we’re accepting as correct all answers that mention any place Dr. Freud’s figure hangs out. Thirty-seven correct answers were received, and BONNIE OUTTEN of Willis, Virginia, won the drawing.

Correct answers were sent in by:

Nanci Alexander, Lexington, KY; Russ & Mary Bardin, Kennesaw, GA; Cynthia Bauzon, Rockville, MD; Meg Churchill, Jefferson City, MO; Barbara Danzig, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL; Daniela Doneva, Woodhaven, NY; Renie Graham, Encinitas, CA; Signe Haugen, San Carlos, CA; Mary Hoffman, La Mesa, CA; Marilyn Horn, Santa Monica, CA; Kembell Huyke, Flushing, NY; Leslie Jamison; Karyn Janssen, Fairbanks, AK; Stephen Jeffries, Centennial, CO; Stanley Kimer, Raleigh, NC; George Kingston, East Longmeadow, MA; Sharad Kumar, Oakland Twp, MI; Janet Masciotra, Springfield, MA; Dave Nichol, Big Rapids, MI; WINNER: Bonnie Outten, Willis, VA; Kathy Parsons, Ann Arbor, MI; Nicholas Paul, Nashua, NH; Glenn Peterson, Carlsbad, CA; Sandra Pollitt, Portland, OR; Jerry Porter, Ardmore, PA; Raymond Prince, Maple Valley, WA; Donna Pyle, Boulder, CO; Judith Rivard, Foster, RI; Rocky Roland, Bastrop, TX; Pam Ross, Louisville, KY; Eileen Schattner, Alhambra, CA; William Solof, Lakewood, CO; Jill Sullivan, Waynesboro, VA; Frances Symons, San Diego, CA; Jim Weede, Quincy, IL; Richard Welch, Annandale, VA and Yoshihiko Yagi, Kalamazoo, MI.
David Cerny’s sculpture “Man Hanging Out”