Cape Town guide

Looking for a guide in Cape Town for our May ’12 trip to South Africa, my wife, Jane, and I saw that Denise Dick ( was recommended by ITN readers as a very competent guide (April ’04, pg. 92 & April ’10, pg. 14).

Denise lives in Hout Bay with her husband, who teaches sailing. She is a perfect guide for someone who goes to South Africa on a formal tour but wants to experience the area “one on one” without other tourists. 

In two days with Denise, we were introduced to a local food market; visited the not-so-often-seen areas of Cape Town; toured a lovely château in the wine country; visited a small-town fair, and had a spectacular seafood lunch in a popular restaurant outside of Cape Town. 

We paid Denise R1,300 ($138) per day for the two of us. 


Columbia, SC