Winter Olympics tickets

By Gene McPherson
This item appears on page 17 of the June 2013 issue.

The item titled “2014 Sochi Olympics(April ’13, pg. 69) stated that individual tickets for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, were sold out but might be available later. On April 5, I bought confirmed tickets for seven days during the Games. Apparently, more are available.

I attended the Calgary Winter Olympics in 1988 and had a wonderful time but haven’t been able to attend another Olympics until now. 

I hope to fly to Amsterdam and then to Sochi via Vienna so I won’t have to go through Moscow. In Calgary, I stayed in a private home, but this time, with the language difference, I’ll opt for a B&B or guest house.


Sturgis, SD

Individual ticket sales resumed March 22, three weeks after the April issue of ITN went to press. All 2014 Winter Olympics tickets are sold through CoSport.