Iceland with Stein

By Josephine Moore
This item appears on page 31 of the March 2013 issue.

I took a van tour called “Natural Wonders of Iceland” that went around the entire coast of Iceland, July 7-15, 2012. It was with Nordic Visitor (Brietartún 13, 105 Reykjavik, Iceland; phone +354 578 20 80 or, in the US, 800/490-1019), a Swedish company with an office in Reykjavik.

The land cost was $2,435, and I paid an additional single supplement of $625. This covered stays in guest houses and lodges, all excellent; breakfast and dinner each day, and site admissions. I booked my Icelandair flight for $1,114.

A few optional excursions were offered at extra charge. There was no need to ever tip, except to our tour leader, “Stein,” if we chose. Our group had 16 participants.

“Stein” was Steinthor Olafsson, who owned and operated the 20-person van. He was extremely knowledgeable about anything and everything that is Iceland, including its history and endless natural wonders, and he had personal friendships with a number of farmers and many vendors.

Stein also does private tours of Iceland and Sweden. He can be reached at Stockholm Excursions (Stockholm, Sweden; phone +46 [0]8 612 3005, e-mail

This was an exceptional tour as a result of having this outstanding leader.

New Windsor, NY