Drive a tank in NZ

This item appears on page 69 of the June 2012 issue.

New Zealand offers the ultimate stress release: drive a tank over a car and crush it flat! Tanks for Everything (985 McLeans Island Rd., Christchurch, NZ; phone +64 [03] 359 1007) has a fleet of armored vehicles for people to drive and ride in: three tanks (Centurion, T-55AM2 and FV432), a Saracen armored personnel carrier, a Ferret armored “scout” car and a Jeep.

All patrons get a 45- to 60-minute guided tour of the fleet; driving lasts 15-25 minutes and a ride, 10-15. (Size restrictions apply with some vehicles. Clothes may get dirty. Wear proper footwear.)

Prices range from NZD35 ($28) for an individual ride in one vehicle up to NZD1,695 to drive all the vehicles and enjoy a car-crushing finale. Specific examples — in the Centurion, one person driving pays NZD450; one person riding, NZD175, or two riding, NZD350. Add NZD395 ($316) for the car crush.