Give Paris a chance

This item appears on page 59 of the January 2011 issue.

I was dismayed to read the subscriber’s comments in the letter “France Fast with Cosmos” (Nov. ’10, pg. 28); he said that he and his wife did not care for Paris, mostly because it was “inundated” with tourists.

I don’t see how he could come to a negative conclusion about such a beautiful, wonderful city after a visit of just one day.

My husband and I stayed in the apartment of Marie Lefebvre (contact her in the US at 4 Weymouth Ct., Newport Beach, CA 92660; 949/433-5110, e-mail, who advertises in the “Places to Stay” section of ITN’s MART. (2011 price, $1,395 per week.)

We had a wonderful time, made more so by having an apartment rather than a hotel room. We bought a multiday museum pass, which let us bypass the crowds at most venues; one can also buy a single-day pass.

Paris is a fabulous city to visit and enjoy again and again.


Wilton, NY