No phones ringing

This item appears on page 52 of the August 2010 issue.

I read the letters about “getting away from it all” and not maintaining contact when traveling (Nov. ’09, pg. 52 & Feb. ’10, pg. 58). I think the writers miss part of the point, as all of them admit to leaving an itinerary with someone.

My husband and I have been traveling internationally for nearly 50 years, and we do not leave any indications with anyone about how to contact us, no matter what. When my four sons were still at home, the instructions I would leave with the oldest was, “If anyone gets sick, put them in the hospital. If they die, bury them.”

I suppose I need to add that we usually go places where return travel at the drop of a hat is not feasible, nor are telephones available, so if there were an emergency and someone actually could tell us about it, there is probably not much we could do but fret anyway.

Sometimes, when I return home I hold my breath as I turn the corner, expecting to see our house in steaming ashes, but the point is that I am prepared for such a possibility… or the death of a family member. It is my choice.

What makes it easier for the family back home is their knowing that, whatever happens, they have to deal with it. They don’t have to worry about whether or not some event warrants their contacting us on the road — because they can’t.


Douglas, MI