Crime in Nigeria

This item appears on page 18 of the August 2010 issue.

In Nigeria, the US Department of State recommends avoiding the Niger Delta states of Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Delta and Rivers; the southeastern states of Abia, Edo and Imo, and the city of Jos in Plateau State, due to the risks of kidnapping, robbery and armed attacks. Crime committed by individuals and gangs, as well as by persons wearing police and military uniforms, is a problem throughout the country.

Since January 2009, over 111 foreign nationals have been kidnapped in Nigeria, including 18 in 2010. Of these, six were killed.

Home and apartment invasions remain a serious threat, with armed robbers accessing even guarded compounds by scaling walls, following people arriving by car into the compound or subduing guards. Armed robbers in Lagos also access waterfront compounds by boat.