Christchurch Arts Centre in Christchurch, New Zealand

You really have to be walking on air to live in this house. July’s photo depicts “Echo,” a three-dimensional sculpture of black fiberglass tubes installed over the Christchurch Arts Centre in Christchurch, New Zealand, by Ned Dawson in 1981. The “floating” house is suspended 26 feet above the building by thin wires.

Nine correct entries were sent in by the deadline, and ALAN LICHTENSTEIN of Commack, New York, won the drawing. We thank Lorenz Rychner of Denver, Colorado, for contributing the photo.

Correct answers to the puzzle were sent in by the following readers:

Patricia Daniloff, Coarsegold, CA; Donald Gillies, Santa Barbara, CA; Carol Horner, Lacy, WA; Patrick Kulisheck, Minneapolis, MN; Martha Lawlor, Georgetown, TX; WINNER Alan Lichtenstein, Commack, NY; Janet Roubian, San Francisco, CA; Jo Ellen Ryan, Davis, CA, and Linda Williamson, Boise, ID.