Relies on travel agent

In the letter “Scoping Out Bargain Airfares Online” (June ’09, page 15), the writer runs through an interesting litany of what he had to go through to achieve a reasonable air travel expense from Los Angeles to the Philippines.

I applaud his diligent work, however I have learned to deal with equally challenging air travel arrangements by relying on my travel agent, Cheri Schwartz of Tubby Lohmer’s Travel (1826 Tower Dr., Stillwater, MN 55082; 651/439-3522, e-mail

Ms. Schwartz has access to better flight information and fares than I do, and her $50 fee is well worth it. (If she is not in office, the other agents are capable.) I realize that not all travel agents are equal. I am blessed with one who has served my wife and me well for a number of years.

I encourage travelers to find a good professional travel agency in their local area and utilize it for air travel, booking of lodging, etc. Generally, I get a lower price and, overall, a more satisfactory result through Tubby Lohmer’s Travel than if I do this myself.

Beaver Bay, MN