This item appears on page 65 of the September 2009 issue.

There are many online booksellers (Barnes & Noble, Borders, etc.). With search results on, you may have to sort through 30 pages of used copies to find that one useful book.

What sets apart is it pulls up manageable 2- to 11-page lists without all the repeats and older-edition clutter, AND it includes major publishers (Frommer’s, Budget, etc.) as well as smaller publishers with more esoteric and specialized guides.

There are multiple filters, allowing you to trim a list from “Asia” to “Indonesia” to “Indonesia, luxury” or “Indonesia, low budget.” 

GuideGecko is a “vanity” publisher as well and will take manuscripts from the public, print them and sell them on their website for a commission. Visitors interested in one of these independent guides are allowed a free preview of about 12 pages.