Carry-on equipped

What do I carry on the airplane with me?

I have a backpack slung over my shoulder so my hands are free to maneuver my roll-on suitcase. I am still allowed on flights with both of them. The only place I have ever had a problem was in London at the ticket counter. They said the backpack had to be a handbag, and I demonstrated that it WAS my handbag. We haggled a little bit and they let me go through, with no further questions asked going through security.

The backpack is a cross between a day pack and a full-size backpack, about 20"x20", from REI (800/426-4840, In it are my makeup case, first-aid kit, books to read, snacks, compressed goose-down travel pillow, a fold-up silk/wool blanket and a miniature fan for the hot flashes.

I place the backpack down by my feet and the carry-on suitcase in the overhead compartment.

I also carry Evian spray to hydrate my face; its very fine mist doesn’t cause my makeup to run. I went without it for a while but finally found it in the allowable 3-ounce containers.

Las Vegas, NV