Entry fee (non) changes

This item appears on page 23 of the May 2009 issue.

ITN reported on new entry fees being imposed by Argentina (Dec. ’08, pg. 19 & Feb. ’09, pg. 83) and Costa Rica (Feb. ’09, pg. 84, with correction April ’09, pg. 76 [consulate decided not to implement fee]).

Eleanor Mayo of Dallas, Texas, wrote, “I flew into EZE at Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Feb. 15 fully prepared to pay the $134 ‘entry fee’ described in ITN and which, indeed, is authenticated on the Argentine website. However, no fees were collected from anyone on the flight. We returned to the States on Feb. 29 and had to pay only the usual departure tax of $18.”

The US Embassy in Argentina now reports that implementation of the entry fee has been postponed indefinitely. The Argentine government hoped to use the revenues to upgrade Immigration computers but then reconsidered the negative impact the fee could have on tourism.

Since consular announcements of new fees may not match what travelers experience upon entering countries, ITN asks its readers to include news of visa and entry fees in their reports. Thank you. — Editor