Palace on Okinawa

This item appears on page 37 of the February 2009 issue.
Shurijo-koen Palace, Naha, Okinawa. Photo: Goodhead

The palace of the royal Okinawans, Shurijo-koen (, was devastated by the bombing of Japan during WWII but has been meticulously reconstructed. Originally built in the 14th century, it is imbued with Chinese influences. Two parts of the castle are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is quite large, and a model of it helps put it all into perspective. Information plaques are in English.

There is a gift shop with Tsuboya pottery and shiisa (lion) figures. On our visit, we were fortunate to see a show depicting different dances from the Ryukyu Kingdom period. (Open daily 9-8:30 July-September, 9-7:30 October and November, 9-6:30 December-March and 9-7:30 April-June. Admission ¥800 [near $8].)


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