Lonely Planet on Nokia

This item appears on page 92 of the November 2008 issue.

People with phones that run Nokia Maps now can download Lonely Planet guides directly to their phone.

From inside Nokia Maps 2.0, select “Extras,” “Guides” and then “Download more Guides” to browse the catalog of city guides. If you’re already in your target country, local guides will appear in the list. If not, click on “Options” and “More Destinations” to browse the 56 countries for which guides are available.

Example — the Berlin guide includes the locations of embassies and consulates as well as 46 eateries, 59 hotels, 34 shops and 44 sights. These points of interest can be shown on the map relative to your current position or as a list, with the closest restaurant or hotel first.

Each guide costs $13.99 and has a 10-minute trial. Visit www.maps.nokia.com for a list of Maps-enabled phones.