De-wrinkle clothes

This item appears on page 67 of the November 2008 issue.

I recently read about a spray for $4 that takes wrinkles out of clothes. But you don’t need to spend money to take out wrinkles. All you need is a small spray bottle and tap water.

Just lightly spray the item. You can actually see the wrinkle relax and disappear. It doesn’t take long for the item to dry, maybe half an hour. Works every time.

When I’m traveling and have clothing items that need touching up, I usually spray them in the evening and hang them in the closet, leaving spaces between for air to circulate. Give it a try on one of your shirts and you’ll see how great it works.

My slacks will develop creases across the top of the leg, so before wearing them again I use my trusty spray water. And there have been occasions when I have been sitting and set a wrinkle along the bottom of my top or dress. All I do is dab some water from the faucet on the wrinkle. Although there’s a water spot, it dries in minutes.

My spray bottle is one item I will not leave home without.


Las Vegas, NV