Taking the grandkids

In May ’07 my husband and I took our granddaughter Laura to Rome, Orvieto and Florence. Incidentally, some guidebooks recommend getting tickets to the Colosseum at some other location to gain entry faster. This no longer helps, as the entry process involves a long security line and ticket holders are given no advantage.

Once we got through security, ticket purchasing was instantaneous. There was an elevator at the end of the corridor to the second and third levels; it helped a lot. Many places we went offered preference to mobility-impaired people.

The first time we took a grandchild on a trip, we took a 15-year-old granddaughter to France, Switzerland and northern Italy. The trip was not wasted on her, as she was curious about everything.

We then decided to wait until the next grandchild was 18, and if they got left behind it was up to them to find their way home. It was wonderful the next two trips; the grandchild was much more mature and ended up helping us so much — carrying our water bottles, guidebook, etc., in their backpack.

We have taken several trips to Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England. When we arrive at the B&B, my husband always takes a picture of us and our children or grandchildren (we always take someone along) in the parlor as we are being served cookies and tea. He uses this to make a custom Christmas card on the computer, naming the B&B and the hosts and printing, “The best B&B in all of _____.”

On our next trip to that B&B, we always find the card on display in the parlor and it has made the hosts very happy and proud.


Los Altos, CA