Supper in Sicily

While traveling by car in western Sicily in September ’06, we were in need of a restaurant for supper. A local merchant directed us to Garten Pub (Via Erice 145, Valderice 91019,Trapani Province, Sicily, Italy; phone/fax +39 0923 892377) as a place to get good rustic Sicilian cuisine.

The welcoming owner, speaking passable English, informed us that he had no menu as such but that we should decide whether our small group wished “meat” or “fish” and that his son in the kitchen would prepare us a good platter.

We got excellent antipasto, the large platter of well-prepared fish and shellfish, good crusty bread and a carafe of local wine. We turned down a dessert offer. We were billed $10 per person.

We left most happy with the merchant’s referral.

Casper, WY