Bills, tango, and shopping

I have some comments on letters in the April ’06 issue.

Regarding bill paying (page 14), since I’m usually away six to eight weeks at a time, I write all the checks ahead, get them ready to mail, then rubberband and sticky-note each batch as to the appropriate date to drop it in the mail box. My neighbor mails them for me and I bring her fridge magnets.

Regarding tango shows in Buenos Aires (page 16), I was on two different group tours that took us to La Ventana. It was $25, not $60, and very, very good — 90% tango and 10% Indian songs and instrumentals.

Regarding clothes shopping (page 48), in Cusco, Peru, recently I bought a super alpaca sweater for $70 on my Visa. I looked in a lot of stores before I found the one with which I fell in love.

Colorado Springs, CO