Another delay

Two weeks before my departure to Málaga, Spain, on Jan. 25, ’06, I reconfirmed my flight on Iberia Airlines and told the representative I would need wheelchair assistance when I arrived at Madrid’s Baraja Airport. I ended up getting all the help I needed, as my connecting flight to Málaga was leaving in just one hour. The young lady who saw that I got to my gate would not accept any tip.

The journey home was not so simple. I had six hours to wait at the brand-spanking-new Terminal 4. It is not only visually stunning with its cutting-edge design, its use of state-of-the-art technology makes it a major airport in Europe.

Going through three security gates each way, I set off the bells and whistles at each one, which was followed by a wanding, then a pat-down. The laminated card from my orthopedic surgeon meant nothing to the TSA. One agent said, “Any terrorist could get hold of a card.”

While I agree with this, it sure puts a damper on my looking forward to future travels.

Leland, NC