April Report Cards

On MALAYSIA, January-February ’06. . .
• We took a tour to Borneo with smarTours (Newark, NJ; 800/337-7773 or www.smartours.com), Jan. 28-Feb. 11. We travel often, but this tour was one of the best. Malaysia is just beautiful. The people are very friendly and much fun. The flora, due to the climate, is lovely and colorful.

We went to watch orangutans in the Sepilok-Sandakan rainforest. We took longboats with little motors to longhouses, where we were invited to taste their moonshine and watch a headhunter war dance. We also met the last headhunter of that tribe, an old, quite funny guy.

Our guide, Lemon (e-mail lemonales@hotmail.com), was the most knowledgeable and nicest young man one would want for a guide. All the hotels were deluxe and the food, wonderful. At $1,599 plus taxes, the tour price included airfare from Newark, breakfasts and all but three dinners and several lunches.
Should anyone want to know more about this great tour, our e-mail is hasomers@vermontel.net.
— Alma Somers, Wallingford, VT

On GERMANY, December ’05
Ristorantino Al Fiume (Winklerstrasse 1, 90403 Nürnberg; phone/fax 0911/22 46 55) is an excellent Italian restaurant where I had a HUGE, delicious Hawaiian pizza (with pineapple pieces and sausage slices) for €10.20 (near $12.50).
It took me two hours to eat (very slowly, as I was waiting for the tour group to finish shopping)! I never did completely finish. This was a nice, calm and clean place to wait.
— Eleanor Robb, Scottsdale, AZ