Olympia and Delphi

Entrance to the athletic field at ancient Olympia. Photo: Berner

Ancient Olympia and Delphi were two sites out of antiquity that my wife and I visited on an April trip to Greece. At Olympia, both of us were in awe. There isn’t a whole lot left, but what is there is impressive when you consider the history. We burned up several rolls of film.

Delphi is a majestic sight. It takes some imagination to picture what the structures looked like when they were whole, but the entire site does have something of an ethereal quality. The setting itself is beautiful, as you look over the columns and down into a steep green valley. Many people claim to feel a “spirit of place” when they visit Delphi.

The fourth-century-B.C. theater could be used today. At the stadium, most of the seats remain as do the ancient starting blocks for the races. The museum contains many relics and is worth the visit.


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