Georgia's Military Highway

The Military Highway in Georgia began as a track used by invaders in the first century. Later, as part of the Silk Road, it was an important link between Europe and Asia before becoming the main link with Russia.

Following it along the Aragvi River as it cut deep chasms through 5,000-meter-high peaks, we entered the ancient land of Colchis where, according to Greek mythology, Jason and his 50 Argonauts rowed up the Black Sea to slay the dragon and capture the golden fleece. However, during our trip one June, the road was still quite bumpy due to the Russian exodus with all their equipment years earlier in 1992.

After a brief stop at the church of Sioni, we soon were passing enormous 12th-century stone watchtowers and an occasional antiaircraft gun emplacement. The scenery was stunning, with emerald gorges backed by snow-tipped mountains. At Kazbegi, a village dwarfed by snowcapped Mt. Kazbek, we visited the Kazbegi Church, then enjoyed a hearty lamb stew in a small restaurant.


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