Suggestions for a perfect QM2 cruise

    Following a “QM2” cruise out of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, for which he paid $3,984 for a deluxe balcony cabin for two on deck B-2, a reader mailed to ITN a copy of the letter he sent to Cunard Line, as follows:

My wife, Helen, and I just completed a 7-day cruise on the Queen Mary 2. The ship and cruise were outstanding! We would like to give you some feedback, both plus and minus, so that you may achieve an even higher ship rating.

First, the positives far, far outweigh any minor changes or improvements that are needed. The ship itself is a classic, with outstanding decor, setting and staff.

• The tender service on our cruise, Jan. 8-15, 2005, was the best of any cruise liner we have been on. It was very well organized and flowed extremely well. We always were able to get off and on better than on any liner that we have sailed.

• Philip, the steward for our cabin (No. 11099), was outstanding and well trained to meet customer needs in a very timely manner. He was always two steps ahead of us in our needs.

Now for some thoughts on possible improvements.

• The rest rooms were difficult to find. They were not listed on the ship’s little “map,” plus the actual signage was very small.

• Many people had requested first seating but were denied because the dining area was full. During our seven days, there were more than 30 empty seats just around us during the first seating. One table for six next to us had only two people on six nights, and another had only three. Perhaps there is a way to fit in more second-seating people; it would make many folks happy.

• Bar attendants did not automatically provide copies of cabin-account charge receipts like in the stores. People had to ask for them over and over before getting them.

• It would assist the guests if the hours of the cruise sales office (for booking future Cunard cruises) were extended. Most days, the office was open only two to four hours, and some of that time was during the dinner hour. Both salespeople, Anna and Betty, were outstanding.

The above points may seem minor, but revisiting them should enhance the already high marks that the QM2 deserves. Helen and I will cruise again with Cunard soon.

Panama City Beach, FLL

    ITN sent another copy of the above letter to Cunard Line (6100 Blue Lagoon Dr., Ste. 400, Miami, FL 33126) and received no reply, although Mr. Barnhart did receive three replies from Cunard stating that his comments were being forwarded to the appropriate departments.