Making calls to the U.S.

In 2003 my wife was badly “burned” by telephone calls she made to the USA from overseas, so I researched the market and came up with an excellent service: Iscom, Inc. ( Division, One Silicon Alley Plaza, 90 William St., Ste. 702, New York, NY 10038; phone 212/324-1100, e-mail or visit

It’s available toll-free in over 50 countries. Sample per-minute rates to the USA include the following: 7¢ from the U.K., 9¢ from Austria and 10¢ from Australia.

IsCard has no connection fee, no maintenance fee, no monthly fee and no service fee. Any taxes that must be levied are already worked into the published rates. Rate x Minutes = Cost. That’s it! And there are separate rates for both regular and mobile phones, so even cell phone users can save a bundle.

I have used the IsCard to call the U.S. from a household telephone in Hong Kong in October ’04 and from a cell phone in Malaysia in November.

By the way, regarding the letter from the Pauls (Dec. ’04, pg. 46), I was surprised to see that they managed to get three weeks out of a local U.K. £5 international phone card. Mine have generally run out after about 30 minutes!

San Rafael, CA