Keeping wallet in sight at x-ray

ITN printed a letter of mine about my going through Frankfurt Airport in 2003 and having a security screener insist that my wallet and passport be x-rayed (Nov. ’04, pg. 18). I expressed concern that they could have been stolen while they were at the other end of the conveyor belt and out of my sight.

At the time I wrote, I had not been able to obtain a meaningful reply from either Lufthansa or the Frankfurt Airport authorities and sent a further letter to the airport officials. Upon returning from a lengthy trip, I found I had received a satisfactory reply from them.

Lutherville, MD

Following is the response Mr. Hollifield received.

Again we regret the inconvenience you recently endured at our security control on your flight last year in September.

Indeed, the employees made a mistake and we apologize that this happened.

We appreciate your suggestions about checking procedures.

We will include this incident in our general conversations with the employees of our security staff and we will also point out this problem in our training courses.

We are very thankful for the helpful advice. This information is of great importance in connection with the incidents of the last time.

MARION GUTFRUCHT, Aviation Security, Traffic & Terminal Management, Fraport AG, Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide, 60547 Frankfurt/Main, Fed. Rep. of Germany