Tivoli ‘a jewel’

In contrast to the opinion expressed in the reader’s letter “Tivoli, a Tarnished Treat” (Sept. ’03, pg. 18), the Tivoli that I visited in Copenhagen in September ’03 was a highlight of my trip. So enchanting was the theme park that I just had to go two nights in a row because I didn’t get enough the first night.

There is a cosmopolitan theme that runs the gauntlet in this beautiful amusement park. It isn’t Disneyland, Six Flags Over Texas or Coney Island. The park has its own flavor that is as delicate as Danish china and as flavorful as pickled herring in onions and wine sauce.

Yeah, there is a Hard Rock Café on the corner to add to the internationality of the experience. Restaurants of all concepts were always packed, yet the waiting lines weren’t excessive. Almost all of the restaurants are sidewalk cafés with linen and French service. The meals were world class, and I thought the prices represented exceptional value.

Outside all the cafés the baby prams were parked. I never saw so many blond babies and their blond parents.

The street food was cheap and the beer was cold. I never witnessed any drunkenness or violence.

The rides were exciting and 100% operational and safe, though the roller coaster had more loop-de-loops than I cared for.

The lighting was spectacular at night, with fixtures that would only be seen in Europe, and Disney could tear a page from Tivoli’s fireworks-display book of success.

The entertainment went on nonstop. I found a double set of Big Band music from a huge outdoor gazebo and a harlequin operetta entertaining one night. On the way out I was feted by a famous rock band from Iceland. The previous night had shown off an illusionist, burlesque gals and another great orchestra. I believe there are three or four outdoor stages running continuously during the season.

The parades were precision in nature, featuring marching bands and buglers.

There were sailboats in the lakes. (Don’t fall in the water because the carp and coy are as big as houses.)

The grounds were immaculate and the gift shops had good values and unique items.

Tivoli is world class and more. I consider it a jewel in Denmark’s crown. Take your camera.

Unfortunately, when I was in Copenhagen the Little Mermaid had been vandalized, so I’ll have to return to see her and, of course, Tivoli again.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada