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Joanne Kuzma (front center) and group canyoning in Slovenia.
For a variety of water-based activities, I took a trip to Slovenia, Aug. 12-19, 2012, with Exodus (In the US, contact Adventure Center, Emeryville, CA; 800/843-4272).
“Mini” getting her evening meal of porridge.
During a month in Africa with friends (June-July 2012), I boarded a fast boat from Entebbe, Uganda ($129 round trip), for a 45-minute ride to Ngamba Island, which houses the Ngamba Chimpanzee Sanctuary (phone +256 414 320 662).
I took my children and grandchildren, 10 of us, total, to China, June 18-30, 2012. T.E.I.
Approaching the monastic settlement at Glendalough, we came upon this cemetery.
As we all know, one of the problems that can occur on a cruise ship is an outbreak of norovirus. Cruise lines go to great lengths to keep that from happening.
Kaieteur Falls in northwest Guyana.
Various tour companies seemed to have cookie-cutter-type tours to Myanmar, and the dates didn’t work out for my wife and me. However, Myriam Grest at Myanmar Travel, Ltd. (No. 50.
Eight months after my August ’11 trip to India (May ’12, pg. 25), I went back on a mission trip to Nagercoil, near the southern tip of the country.


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